At the moment, we are only accepting artists who generate over $250,000 in music royalties a year across all revenue streams. We expect this number to fall overtime as our technology improves. Please check back periodically for an updated figure.

We take a zero-risk approach to pricing. We collect 30% of the music royalties we recover for prior periods and 0% of music royalties we unlock for future periods. No recovery, no payment. We never charge commissions on royalties received that were not a direct result of your enrollment in RYLTY.

Yes. We often get hired by purchasers of catalogs to find the missing royalties you left behind. Don’t be one of the artists who gives a way a portion of their catalog for free.

Three to six months is the norm. It takes us less than 24 hours to find and fix the royalty errors, but gathering the data and implementing the fixes is reliant on third-parties we can’t control and makes up the bulk of the time.

Yes, we have worked with many international artists, not just those in the States. However, not all countries have robust copyright laws in place which may make RYLTY less effective. Please schedule a meeting with us if you are unsure if your country qualifies.

A traditional royalty audit involves recalculating just the royalty statements from a single record label or music publisher for a set time period. It is an expensive, manually intensive process that is typically only available to the largest artists and does little to solve the underlying problems that caused the royalty underpayments.

RYLTY analyzes all royalty data for every label, publisher, society, and any other organization that pays you royalties. When we find a problem, we solve it at its source so it doesn’t come back on your very next statement. We are faster, more comprehensive, and less financially risky than a traditional royalty audit.

30% may seem like a large percentage but you have to remember that we only charge for the prior period royalties we recover and nothing for the increase in all future royalty payments you will also receive. In other words, we take a large bite out of the smallest piece of pie. In fact, our fee as a percentage of total royalties generated is less than 5%.

In circumstances where a royalty balance is unrecouped, payment of our fee is not due until you have fully recouped or you receive your next advance, whichever comes first. If you never recoup or receive another advance, we’ll waive our fees.

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