Asset management for music rights

Music rights investors of all sizes - from small family offices to multi-billion dollar funds - use RYTLY's software to store, analyze, and correct their ownership & royalty statement data.


Suite of Tools


Modular solutions for managing music rights assets

Empower your royalty adminstrators to save time, improve accuracy, and generate revenue with a music asset platform. Use the RYLTY Portal to manage your rights ownership and statement data. Then, opt-in to our fully-integrated Error Analysis & Administration solutions to find and correct errors causing lost royalty revenue.

RYLTY Portal

Manage all of your music assets in a single portal. Simply drag & drop all relevant royalty statements and catalog exports directly into our ingestion engine to gain access to clean, organized ownership and consumption data that can be tracked, enriched, analyzed, filtered, and exported.

Error analysis

RYLTY Error Analysis

Identify and value specific registration errors at all of your label, publishing, and PRO/CMO partners that are causing you to receive incorrect royalty payments. Then, have your internal royalty administrators use this information to prioritize and track correction efforts or opt-in to RYLTY's Error Administration solution to have us do this for you.

$20 million+

errors to date, rights owners have seen their collective catalog valuations increase by more than $20 million by correcting identified errors.


of songs contain registration errors causing incorrect royalty payments. 10,000+ Errors - RYLTY has successfully identified over 3,000 errors resulting in larger royalty payment to rights owners.


of RYLTY customers have received increased royalty payments and higher catalog valuations after correcting identified errors.

RYLTY Error Administration

RYLTY's team of highly knowledgeable professionals are ready to issue corrections and solve royalty errors on your behalf. Offload the adminstrative burden on an error-by-error basis, ensuring you retain maximum control with minimal effort.

"RYLTY's royalty administration team is so knowledgeable and thorough that I wish I could use them for all of our royalty administration needs, not just error correction."

Matt Schneider
Artist Financial Services | Open Season

Error Administration


A human-first apporach to digital transformation

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Deep industry experience

With over 20 years of leadership experience in both music and fintech, RYLTY is fluent in both sides of your business and knows exactly what it takes to build a product in this space that works.

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Empower, not replace

The key to resolving the music industry's royalty data problem is not software that replaces royalty administrators, but software that empowers existing professionals to do their jobs better, faster, and with greater accuracy.

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Action oriented design

If we can't answer the question, "Will this feature lead to action or purposeful inaction?" then we don't ship it. Everything we build is designed to be useful and strategically informative.

Built for music rights investors


Stop using tools designed for someone else

RYLTY is the first product built with music rights investors in mind. With the music rights investment market expect to grow exponentially, relying on generalist spreadsheet & data analytic product is not a viable long-term solution nor is Frankensteining together multiple tools designed for other music industry use cases. You need a product that will serve your specific needs today, tomorrow, and into the future. RYLTY is here to scale with you.

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